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Electric Graphene belly warmer waist slim belt for women and men



Electric Graphene heating warmer waist slim belt for women and men


Promote local blood circulation, Relieve pain, Accelerate metabolism and Dispel chills.
And it can effectively improve: Gastric cold, Lumbar disc protrusion, Obesity,Female palace cold and Backache

1, Graphene heating faster,safer, low power-consumption and more reliable;
2, Bigger thermal area 50 Sq. In ensure its strong warmer effect;
3, Auto temperate conctrol and timing set makes users rest assured;
4, Fabric materials is exquisite and soft; Colors will fit in any other dresses;
5, Portable and Fashionable design, Power bag separate,Slim and light;
6, Lower energy-consumption.Compatible with almost all portable power bank.

Model No:         QS06      
Heating Zone:         Tummy,back and waist sides
Thermal Conductive Medium: Graphene (Patented, Certisfied and Creative Application)
Thermal Area:          320 SQCM (1.5 times than others)
Temperature Settings:    45℃,50℃, 60℃         
Power Input:         Portable power bank with 5V/1.5A        
Powe Output:         5V/7W    (10,000mAH Power bank supports 10-12 hours)     
Control:     Manual/3 Ranks Auto Adjustment (60℃ 15Minutes, 50℃ 30Mins.,45℃ 60Mins )         
Weight:         80g         
Thickness:         3mm         
Size(LWT):         920*105*3mm
Proper Waist Size:   24-48 inch           
Material:         Lycra and Graphene         
Washing Instruction:    Handwash Preferable         
Approval:       ISO9001, EMC(ElectroThermalFilm Report),  CE,ROHS, PSE       


1 control for 3 temperature levels, anti-scald design.
Safe to keep warmth, free to choose temperature. Automatic shutdown after 60 minutes working to avoid prolonged skin burns.
Low temperature 45°C ; Medium temperature 50°C; High temperature 60°C 

Turn-on is to heat and up to about 60°C in seconds. After 15 minutes, it automatically jumps to Medium temperature 50°C. Then it shuts

down automatically after 30 minutes in order to prevent high temperature burns.If need to keep warm, manually choose the Low temperature 45°C gear.

Then stay at the level and turn off automatically after 60 minutes. Never skin burns by the belt.